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USA Poultry & Egg
Export Council
Meeting with industry partners through events showcase MTA’s collaborative partnership with countries in sourcing for supply and ensuring food-grade quality and standards are met.
Such events like the USAPEEC (USA Poultry & Egg Export Council) webinar held on 30 June 2021 gave both parties the networking opportunity to touch base on United States’ Poultry exports in a changing global environment. MTA’s members and guests were among the attendees, including Ms Joelyn Ng from SFA (Singapore Food Agency) and Mr. Victor Poh from ESG (Enterprise Singapore).
True Tastes of Belgium
True Tastes of Belgium was another iconic two- day webinar organised by Flanders Investment & Trade Singapore (FIT) of the Embassy of Belgium, which spanned across two days from 2 to 3 March 2021. It had the showcase of 25 Belgian companies sharing their products in the market, in which guests were invited by the Belgian Meat Office to interact with Belgian Meat suppliers and gain first-hand knowledge into the Art of Belgian Pork. Some products on feature included Pralines, Artisan croquettes, Belgian fries, Specialty Beer, Artisanal Spirits, Healthy Snacks, and Gingerbread. Through these events, it reinforces the affable relationship between Meat Traders’ Association in Singapore and its Belgium counterpart.
An initiative by Singapore Business Federation, GlobalConnect@SBF is an apex business
chamber which leads the Singapore business community in the areas of Trade, Investment, and Industrial Relations. It represents around 27,000 companies, including both local and and foreign. GlobalConnect@SBF is also supported by Enterprise Singapore, and its Knowledge Partners include Eye on Asia.
Since its inception in November 2019, GlobalConnect@SBF is a platform for businesses to learn more about new markets and find strategic ways to make their presence known not only in Singapore, but also widen their exposure across borders.
One of the GlobalConnect@SBF includes the inaugural SBF-LABG (Latin American Business Group) Mexican Beef & Pork Webinar, of which the following B2B Meeting between the MTA and industry partners was held on 7 May 2021.
Industry leaders from various Meat-Trade organisations who attended the following webinar included Mr. Alvin Kwek, who is also the Vice-Chairman of LABG’s Executive Committee as appointed by Singapore Business Federation on 27 December 2020, alongside his designation as the President of the MTA, amongst other professionals:
• Mr. Prasoon Mukerjee, Chairman of Latin American Business Group
• His Excellency Augustin Gracia-Lopez Loaeza, Ambassador of Mexico in Singapore
• Ms Ir. Alejandra Aceves, Director of the Mexican Pork Exporters Association
• Mr. Roger Perez, President of the Mexican Beef Exporters Association
• Ms Joelyn Ng, Assistant Director, Industry Development & Community Partnership, Singapore Food Agency
Sustaining longstanding business partnerships
MTA also played an integral role in the facilitation of Singapore-Argentina relations. In commemoration of Argentina’s service in the sector, a farewell dinner was held in February 2021 by Singapore, of which both industry leaders, Mr. Alvin Kwek, the President of the MTA, and the Ambassador of Argentina Singapore, His Excellency Mr. Federico Barttfeld, of whom were among the distinguished guests.
All in all, the Singapore Agri-Food and Business industry has made significant contributions to ensure that global supply chain processes involving food supply, including meat import and export, are adequate and sustainable even when faced with global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, maintaining industry relations through partnerships has also built unwavering trust, rapport, and confidence in paving the way forward for a better future.

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