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Besides helping local farms to increase their productivity, the government has been encouraging consumers to buy local produce by raising public awareness of the quality and freshness of local produce. Consumers’ spending choices contribute directly to the commercial viability of local farmers and Singapore’s food security.
To further promote and help consumers better recognise local produce, SFA brought the industry and public together in the co- creation of a SG Fresh Produce logo which was unveiled by Mr Masagos at the ‘2020: Singapore Food Story’ on 10 February 2020.
Consumers are encouraged to do their part by supporting local produce. “Local produce is grown close to home, and it’s
actually at home. It is therefore safer, fresher and lasts longer. There is less spoilage and food waste, as the produce does not need to travel for long periods of time before reaching the consumer.”
Since August 2020, the SG Fresh Produce logo has been seen on local produce on supermarket shelves, to help consumers identify eggs, fish and vegetables that have been proudly nurtured in Singapore.
SFA will continue to partner with grocery retailers to raise awareness of local produce through joint promotions and in- store messages. The Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation has also partnered RedMart on Lazada to launch an e-SG Farmers’ Market with 20 farmers, to help them increase their distribution channels beyond brick-and-
mortar stores and to reach more consumers via online platform.
Said Mr Masagos: “Food security is an existential challenge for Singapore. But it also offers many exciting opportunities for Singapore and we can create many good and green jobs for Singaporeans. Just like what we have done for water, we can overcome our food challenge by planning and investing for the long term, and working together as a nation. Just like water, the technology we use for food security will also enable our companies to grow overseas with our unique value proposition.”
The next chapter in Singapore’s food story has only just begun, and everyone can help to create one that centres on our food supply to secure sustenance for generations to come.

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