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T he recent seafood and vegetables supplies disruptions caused by mass Covid-19 infections at Jurong
Fishery Port and Pasir Panjang Wholesale center highlighted the importance of having alternative and secondary wholesale/ distribution centers to safeguard Singapore’s Food Security.
Punggol Fish Merchants Association (PFMA) and its members managed to step up and increase the seafood supplies to support Singapore’s fresh seafood demand during the 2 weeks closure of Jurong Fishery Port. PFMA members adapted to change their business operations and are better trained for future disruptions.
As living with Covid-19 consequences will be the new normal, now is a good time to rethink how Singapore’s fresh seafood wholesale needs to adapt and innovate for the future. This will definitely involve Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Food Agency (SFA), PFMA, Singapore Fish Merchants General Association and all related commercial entities to move the industry forward.
On behalf of PFMA, I thank SFA officers for working very hard to take care of Senoko Fishery Port fish merchants during this challenging crisis period.
I wish Marshall Cavendish a very successful publication of the Singapore Agri-Food Business Directory.
Daniel Pe
Chairman Punggol Fish Merchants Association

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