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  S ince its establishment in 1948, Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association
(SFVIEA) has always played an active and important role in the fruit and vegetable industry in Singapore, contributing to the stable supply and variety of agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables for the consumers.
SFVIEA has always stood to support and promote the development of the Singapore fruit and vegetable trade and to promote cooperation between member companies. At the same time, SFVIEA also serves as a bridge between members and government departments and commercial organizations, facilitating communications and sharing of information and industry trends.
SFVIEA members will continue to provide consumers with better choices, greater varieties and high-quality fruits and vegetables that cater to the consumer trends.
Currently our members imported fruits and vegetables from more than 50 countries. To ensure Singapore consumers continue to enjoy bounteous quality fruits and vegetable choices at affordable prices, our merchants will continue to explore new sources of supply.
Tay Khiam Back, BBM Chairman, Singapore Fruits and Vegetables Importers and Exporters Association
In FY 2018, Singapore’s annual per capita consumption of vegetables (leafy and non-leafy) and fruits are 96kg and 72 kg respectively. To fulfil the demands, about 533,302 tonnes of vegetables and 428,466 tonnes of fruits were imported with estimated market values of S$633 million and S$708 million respectively.
SFVIEA works very closely with Singapore Food Agency (SFA) (formerly Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to ensure food safety, to embrace industry challenges, and to develop new sources of supplies.
SFVIEA strives to continue to play an active role in enhancing members’ relationships and create a better future for the development of the fruit and vegetable trade industry.

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