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Kenneth Chee Yew Sing, PBM President
Singapore Florist Association
Singapore Florist Association (SFA) was founded in 1974, based on the belief of promoting Singapore floristry on the international platform and also to safeguard against external costing pressures by wholesalers.
As the pandemic evolves into an endemic state, the industry continues to suffer like many other industries, due to shortage of manpower, cut back in spending by corporations and individual consumers, lack of funding from the government. As this industry is not a key industry
it is often overlooked when the government gives out grants and many florists have closed during this period.
Increased freight cost has an adverse impact on the industry too, and slower shipments too cause problems to our supply chain. As we look forward to the end of the tunnel, we have to just remain steadfast and resilient so that the industry can continue to survive and especially all the SMEs can continue to be part of Singapore contributing GDP.

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