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40 Senoko Drive
Senoko Industrial Estate
Singapore 758225

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Mr Terry Toh, Managing Director
Mr Terry Tan, Director


Nature of Business

Singapore Food Delight is a company much akin to the food we manufacture. A fusion of tradition and cutting edge technology, we pride ourselves on bringing Singapore's gourmet tradition one step into the future.

Our Promise
We are constantly striving to improve ourselves while bringing you food that is close to your heart. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of quality products so that you may truly enjoy the food of our labour.

Our Approach
At Singapore Food Delight we are always searching for better ways to ensure your food reaches you fresher and tastier through top sealing technology.

Our Future
With over a decade's involvement in the food industry, we are able to leverage on our wealth of experience to bring upon traditional local cuisine in a whole new context. As we continue our research, we hope that in future we will be able to offer you a more diverse spread of Singapore's rich culinary tradition.

Our Belief
We believe that good things comes in small packages.

Member of SFMA