A comprehensive directory of companies in the agri-business-farming and fishing, fresh food trading in Singapore.

About Us

Marshall Cavendish Business Information Private Limited (MCBI) is a member of Times Publishing Group, one of Asia's largest publishing and printing conglomerates. With offices spanning Singapore and Thailand, Marshall Cavendish Business Information's vision is to be a leading provider of business information in Asia and the region.

By leveraging new industry insights and emerging technologies, we enable businesses to optimise their business information, establish strong brand visibility and expand their market reach.

We publish over 30 trade directories in key industries annually to help businesses connect and grow their communities effectively. Our directories are available in both print and digital formats and are widely circulated within the MCBI network of over 100,000 companies across Asia, including industry partners, government agencies and trade associations. Besides our in-house titles, we also collaborate with various trade partners and associations to produce customised publications.

Content marketing
We understand the importance of connecting businesses with the right customers. MCBI leverages data analysis of consumer behaviour to devise marketing strategies for businesses, so that they can optimise their reach without breaking the bank. We also help businesses to create and distribute valuable content to their targeted audience through digital ad campaigns that will drive profitable customer action.

Professional Development
We aim to make learning more accessible and convenient for professionals who want to invest in their skill sets. Through collaboration with various educational institutions and leading course providers, we offer a range of learning opportunities, including project management, technology, and data analytics to help the workforce develop industry-relevant skills and deepen existing skill sets.

B2B e-commerce
We help businesses to connect easily with other businesses through the extensive MCBI network. By listing your products or service via our e-marketplace initiatives, you can reach out to industry-specific consumers that have been verified.

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