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CRN/UEN: 199401686H

(Member of Aqina Group)
Block 15 Woodlands Loop
Singapore 738322

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Mr Scott Ang, Marketing & Business Development
Mobile: (65) 9795 0589


Nature of Business

Boong Poultry (a.k.a AQINA Farm Singapore), since its inception in 1994, has gradually grown from a small poultry distributor to one of the largest Kampung Chickens producer & distributor in Singapore. It is also a subsidiary of Aqina Group, an established chicken production operator in Malaysia and Singapore, with more than 25 years into the trade, and owns several SFA-approved farms in Malaysia, overseeing and managing the entire chicken production process with the concept of "Farm-to-Table" in mind. We specialise in the wholesale and distribution of chicken/poultry products with presence in all wet and dry markets. As we progressed, we have managed to penetrate into the premium HoReCa sectors as well.

Leveraging on the ownership of Feed Mills and Hatchery Farms, we concocted our own unique blend of chicken feeds ensuring our chickens receive all the best and desired nutrients (taking advantage of our decades-old experience and R&D), at the same time warrants that even the most minute details in the chicken feeds' production are well managed and not compromised.

Our products' Quality is assured with our ISO certification as well as HACCP certified facility.

Aqina's continual goal to strive for innovation and improvement, is motivated by the primary purpose of bringing Fresher and Healthier Food Choices that Delights the Whole Family. As a result, we curated the creation of our prized Organic Certified Kampung Chicken, fed with our very own Premium MD2 Pineapple Enzymes, which also saw us being accredited with "Healthier Choice" by the Singapore Health Promotion Board; AQINA Farm being the 1st in Singapore.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we pride ourselves as a contributor to global sustainability by, practicing responsible and efficient farming through unique methodology to reduce livestock mortality rate and utilising poultry waste effectively while maintaining a sustainable eco-system.

AQINA Farm Singapore is widely recognised as a Halal-Certified Premium Poultry Brand in Singapore, having been featured in official media channels as well as several popular social media platforms.