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Message by President, Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association

1202_1About 90% of our domestic fish consumption such as fresh fish, shellfish and other seafood are imported not just from neighbouring countries, but also countries as far as Northern Europe. The bulk of the imported fish products comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our strategic geographical location and stable currency enable us to obtain a great variety of fish products at reasonable prices.

The challenge faced by the Singapore fishing industry is that the country has no territorial waters for fishing activities and lacks ocean sea-fishing vessels. As such, our domestic fish consumption needs to rely on the import of fish products from other countries.

In response to this situation, local fish merchants and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) need to review and evaluate the seafood supply situation regularly to ensure that the supply of fish products supply is continuously sufficient.

The Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association is grateful to have the continued support of the AVA to identify new and reliable sources of fish supplies from the region and beyond.

Lee Boon Cheow
Singapore Fish Merchants’ General Association