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Message by Chairman, Seafood Industries Association Singapore

AGRI2122_MS03_PixThe Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges to most of our members. It has dramatically changed how we conduct our daily business, how we socialize with one another, and our perception of the future.

To tackle this challenge, we must first change our mindset. Our members must embrace technology, especially those that can assist us to continue our business as usual, while adhering to Safe Distancing Measures that have been put in place.

As the Chinese saying goes:

We sincerely hope that our members will use this crisis and turn it into an opportunity to develop stronger capabilities, especially in the digital space.

I am also very relieved to share that many of our members’ businesses are on track to recover to the pre-pandemic level. The association will remain steadfast and be ready to provide coordination and assistance should any of our members need help.

On the international front, SIAS has been spearheading and initiating numerous interactions with other countries to promote trade opportunities for our members.

Our committee has planned and participated in numerous webinars with oversea suppliers and buyers via online meetings. I hope more members will participate in our future sessions.

Our association continues to look forward to having more collaborations with oversea trade associations and government agencies to foster deeper relationships and explore more trade opportunities for our members.

Finally, on behalf of all our members, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Food Agency and NTUC uSME for their active support and leadership in helping us navigate through this period of uncertainty.

I wish all our members and friends good health and success in the coming years!

Thank you!

William Tan
Chairman, Seafood Industries Association Singapore