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Nature of Business

We make oil clear in solution

Compass Foods (Singapore) manufactures Sucrose Esters of high monoesters content with very high HLB value (HLB > 16). The very high HLB value allows unprecedented solubilisation - encapsulation of oil in water to form clear emulsion (SoluClear™).

This allows a broad range of oils (Flavours, Colours, Nutraceuticals and Fragrances) to be used in water-based applications. Furthermore, Compass Foods (Singapore) Sucrose Esters are odourless and tasteless, which will not affect the original sensory attributes of the final products.

With SoluClear™ technology, formulating a broader range of oils in water emulsions, across beverages, nutraceuticals, supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care.

Compass Foods (Singapore) serves our highly valued customers globally including flavour & fragrance houses, food & beverage manufacturers, cosmetics/personal care producers in their formulations and emulsion needs.

Compass Foods (Singapore) is certified for:
• Halal (Singapore)
• Kosher (UK)
• ISO 9001:2015
• HACCP (SS444:2010)

Compass Foods (Singapore) Products are in compliance with:
• JSFA (Japan)
• European Commission (E473)
• US FDA (FEMA, GRAS) CFR Title 21

Compass Foods (Singapore) products include:
• Wide range of Sucrose Esters for various applications from confectionery, noodles, candies/sweets, dairy
  products, chocolate, biscuits, frozen foods/vegetables, coffee beverages and a lot more applications
• Top of the range Sucrose Esters (Habo Monoester P90 & L90) for clear beverages
• Emulsion Formulation (Ready-to-dose)
• SoluClear™:
  - Flavours
  - Colours
  - Nutraceuticals
• InstaCloud (Cloudifier)
• Anti-Encap Coffee
• Lecithins & Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids) (PGE)

Have an oil you would like to solubilise in water? Drop us an enquiry and our dedicated application team will provide recommendation and explore various options with you.