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CRN/UEN: 200611177N

1005 Aljunied Avenue 5
Singapore 389886

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Nature of Business

• Fresh Thai fragrant coconut (pre cut)
• Processed coconut husk (cut to client's requirement)
• Thai Coconut Water (100% Pure, cold processed fresh, unpasteurised, bulk pack)
• Thai young coconut meat (frozen)
• Thai honey mango
• Coconut jelly in husk 

Brands we distribute
• Harmless Harvest
• Markrin Chocolates
• SiamCoco Coconut Products
• Cha Tra Mue Number 1 Brand "Hand Brand" Thai Tea Mix
• Tiparos Fish Sauce
• Chua Hah Seng Chilli Paste
• Flower Brand Palm Sugar
• COCOLOCO Pure Coconut Water
• 505 Fresh Thai Noodles
• 137 Degrees Plant based milks
• Selva Acai
• Wildboocha Kombucha

Siam Coconut Pte. Ltd. is a family owned business specialising in the supply and distribution of natural young Thai fragrant coconuts, fresh Thai coconut water and affiliated produce. With a brand heritage of over 20 years, Siam Coconut has established itself as one of the top suppliers of coconuts in Singapore. All batches are carefully imported from the best plantations in Thailand and are distributed daily to over 600 establishments including major hotels chains, restaurants, beach bars, ice creameries and bubble tea stores. Siam Coconut Pte. Ltd. is an SFA licensed importer of Fresh Fruits operating out of a regulated food factory in Singapore. Siam Coconut takes precaution to maintain the cold-chain to keep them fresh and chilled to the door-step. Siam Coconut has since grown from being just a coconut supplier to Singapore's only processor of fresh Thai coconut products such as fresh coconut water, coconut meat and even creating Singapore's first bottled coconut water brand, COCOLOCO. Having completely deconstructed the coconut, Siam Coconut has since added various other Thai-centric product to give more value to its customers.

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