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Message by Chairman, Singapore Aquarium Fish Exporters' Association

1201_1The Singapore Aquarium Fish Exporters’ Association is facing another challenging year.

With Singapore’s limited land resources, the direction going forward is to move exporters’ premises into high-rise commercial buildings. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has been working closely with the industry to work out a road plan to assist companies in their relocation plan after their current land leases expire.

At the same time, the global ornamental fish industry continues to face tighter regulations from importing countries. We encourage our members to continue in their transformation to adapt to the changing business landscape.

Come April 2019, there is a change in the government agency regulating the industry. NParks will replace the AVA and we hope to continue to work with NParks to strengthen the industry.

William Chew
Singapore Aquarium Fish Exporters’ Association