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Mushrooms are not conventional vegetables as they do not have any leaves, roots or seeds. Moreover, it is not dependent on light to grow. So what exactly is a mushroom? It is a fungus, which grows in the dark and creates more mushrooms by releasing spores. Mushrooms are found all over the world and have been a much honored food in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be food for the royals.

Mushrooms are good sources of three essential B-vitamins: riboflavin, Niacin and pantothenic acid. Mushrooms are a particularly rich source of riboflavin and in addition mushrooms are found to be the top source of potent anti-oxidants. Shiitake mushrooms are one of those found with potent antioxidant. Shiitake mushrooms contain multiple nutrients such as rich protein, amino acids, trace element and dietary fiber that are indispensable for human health. Lentinan found in Shiitake can produce the action of curing and preventing tumour. Shiitake mushrooms are a kind of natural green health food of no fat, high content of protein and rich nutrition.

In addition to wholesale and retail, we also provide value added services to major retailers, educating consumers about the benefit of mushrooms through cooking demonstrations, nutritional write-ups, merchandising displays and many more.

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Organic is an earth-friendly way of growing produce without the use of pesticides, fertilisers, or genetically modified components, and animals reared without the routine use of growth hormones and antibiotics. It has been known that organic farming is more sustainable and environmentally-friendly among other benefits too. Ban Choon has a dedicated team from the Organic Division supplying a fantastic variety of organic items such as fresh produce, meat, dairy products, grocery, non-food products and health supplements. We constantly source for quality organic products at competitive prices across the world to ensure that a healthier lifestyle is accessible for everyone.

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