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Throughout generations, honey has been an important source of nutritional supplement containing various nutrients that promote a healthier lifestyle. Honey has been consumed not only to supply the body with instant energy but also to rejuvenate it.

B.HIVE Fresh Honey does not contain additives, preservatives, artificial sugar, artificial flavouring or coloring. Therefore, it is as good as goodness straight from the hive. B.HIVE Fresh Honey is collected from the best beehives in the mountainous highland of Northern Thailand.

B.HIVE offers a variety of Fresh Honey depending on the nectar source where the honey is being harvested from. For instance, bees collected from nectar from Longan Flowers, result the production of Longan Flowers Honey. As such, each individual type of Honey has its own unique color, flavour and composition.

• Instant energy booster
• Combined with vinegar, to help arthritic joints
• Help to boost gastrointestinal ulcer healing
• Works as a natural and gentle laxative
• Used as a face mask for excellent moisturising effects

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xali pte ltd

CRN/UEN: 199607155M

18 Sin Ming Lane
#03-10 Midview City
Singapore 573960

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Mr Eric Tang Kum Hoe
Ms June Tang Sook Harn

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