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For the past 10 years, Malaysia poultry production has undergone great improvements. In order to reduce production cost and to increase competitiveness between these broiler breeds, the growth rates of the broilers were shortened from 70 days to 35 days. In the race to develop fast growing breeds, meat quality was compromised over speed. Today’s white broiler meat no longer has the sweet juicy taste, and has a rough and dry texture.

Gesing Group has cooperated with SASSO to rediscover those great tasty chicken meat like the old days; and have come up with the French Poulet.

Gesing Group French Poulet
1) has no antibiotic residues
2) has no usage of growth hormones
3) is succulent, sweet and tender
4) traditional rearing period of 70 days
5) non-greasy taste
6) lower cholesterol levels
7) juicy and tender meat texture, even the breast meat

Gesing Group French Poulet
“Giving you a delightful taste, even your taste buds would remember!”
Try it and love it. French Poulet meets the high quality expectations of health conscious and modern family like yours

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CRN/UEN: 25122200D

7A Lichfield Road
Singapore 556827

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Mr Alex Toh Cheng Hai
Mr Eddie Toh Ching Kang
Mr Johnson Toh Ching Lim

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