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In line with N & N's commitment to food safety, we have invested over S$11million to build the 1st and only shell egg pasteurization facility in our farm utilising the multi-patented Safest Choice pasteurization technology that meets World Health Organisation's (WHO) standard. Safest Choice technology is developed by National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc (NPE), the world's largest producer of pasteurized shell eggs.

Value Propositions

  • Singapore's 1st and Only pasteurized fresh eggs
  • Pasteurized to kill Salmonella and Bird Flu Virus if present inside and outside the eggs
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin D3 or E
  • Contains Lower Cholesterol
  • Beneficial for individuals with lower immunity
  • Reduces risk of egg-related cross-contamination in food preparation areas
  • Stringently Pasteurized using multi-patented pasteurization technology from USA
  • Ideal for recipes with lightly cooked eggs with runny yolks

Stringent 3-stage Pasteurization Process
Stage 1
Our hens are fed a nutritious diet to ensure our eggs are lower in cholesterol and contain Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin D3 or E. Our feeding processes are regulated and monitored meticulously.

Stage 2
Nutritious fresh eggs are then lasered with a Golden P before being submerged in an all-natural water bath, where computer-controlled temperature zones monitor and assure accurate pasteurization. The combination of time and temperature heats the eggs in their shells to the exact temperature needed to kill Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria and Bird Flu Virus, if present inside and outside the eggs -- without cooking the eggs.

Stage 3
The eggs are then conveyed out of the pasteurization bath and we apply a protective food-grade coating to prevent contaminants from entering the eggs. Egg Story eggs are stored in the chiller after pasteurization to further ensure maximum freshness.

Product Offering
Egg Story Pasteurized Fresh Eggs are retailed at chillers of major supermarkets in Singapore in packs of 10 eggs at net weight of 500g/550g/600g per pack.

Egg Story Pasteurized Fresh Eggs are also supplied to commercial users in packs of 10 eggs delivered in loose trays or carton boxes.

Please call (65) 6792 9745/6 for enquiries

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