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Our bottled bird’s nest is prepared by using high quality genuine bird’s nest and rock sugar. 100% pure bird’s nest with no bleaching chemicals, stabilisers, preservatives and colouring. Our bottled bird’s nest is safe and tested by independent third-party laboratory and we are proud to attain SGS ISO 22000 certification. With this certification, our customers can be assured that our Quality Management System has been externally assessed to international standards.

Our bottled bird’s nest is perfect for busy individuals or as a gift pack! It is especially suitable for pregnant mothers and ladies. It helps strengthen mother’s immune system and benefit the foetus, promote radiant skin if taken regularly. It is also good for children and the elderly. It can boost immune system and promotes healthy growth, nourish lung and support the respiratory system.

Our bottled bird’s nest can be taken directly from the bottle, chilled or warmed. Keep refrigerated once opened and consume within 24 hours.

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