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Farm Fresh Eggs • Pasteurised Liquid Eggs • Cooked & Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs
Lower in Cholesterol C2375 CODEX CEARCT/RNCOP.:1H--12906192,-R0E1V474 (2003) CERT NOS.S: S5S9509:02-0210315-0014 SS 444 : 2010
                                    SS 590
          Poultry Layers - Farms - Cont’d
1 Jalan Gemala 2
Singapore 718798
Telephone: (65) 6762 2858 Facsimile: (65) 6769 8628
Email: Website:
Ms Koh Kiam Nee Mr Koh Yeow Koon
Nature of Business:
Seng Choon is a local farm producing fresh egg in Singapore. With special attention in bio-security, care in the hens and good farming practices,
we produce safe and quality eggs. Seng Choon Eggs are collected automatically from the hens, graded, packed and distributed to the retail/ bakery/food industry in as soon as
4 hours after laid.
Seng Choon is a member of the Singapore Quality Egg Scheme under SFA. SFA conducts regular checks and
inspection on chicken health and farm to ensure safe quality eggs are produced. Seng Choon practice food safety management system for chicken feed preparation, rearing of layers, production and packing of fresh eggs, processing of hard boiled eggs, processing of liquid pasteurised eggs, storage and distribution of final products in accordance to HACCP SS444:2010. Seng Choon is also certified with HACCP-based food safety management systems of SS590:2013.
Our range of eggs include the “Lower Cholesterol Farm Fresh
Seng Choon Eggs”, Omega enriched “Seng Choon Farm 3 Eggs”, Vitamin A and Lutein enriched “Seng Choon Carrot Eggs”, Eggs from chicken fed with premium corn “Seng Choon Golden Corn Eggs” as well as eggs from the first month of laid by young chickens, our “Seng Choon 1st Born Eggs”. Find out more about us and our product at our website at
We supply the local food industry with egg products of chilled pasteurised liquid Whole Egg (5kg/bag), cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs. These products have obtained Halal as well as HACCP Certificates.
• Poultry layer farm
• Importer of feed ingredients • Feed producer
• Eggs producer
• Eggs marketer/wholesaler/
• Organic fertiliser producer &
• Eggs supplier to major
supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, confectioneries, minimarts, convenience stores, ship chandlers etc
Member of KCA & SMF
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