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CRN/UEN: 200306123Z

Block 2 Bukit Batok Street 24
#08-19 Skytech
Singapore 659480

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Nature of Business

Utoc is an established leading solutions provider of packaging equipments and materials for the various industries in the region.

As a one-stop source, our 4 main core product range includes packaging equipments, plastic packaging, prints & paper and corrugated packaging giving customers the convenience of one-stop solution for all their packaging needs.

With manufacturing facilities situated in South East Asia, Utoc is able to ensure rapid turnaround and timely product deliveries to our regional customers.

Product Range
With a comprehensive range of products, our packaging equipments and materials are suitable for the following market sectors:
• Meat, Fish and Poultry Packaging
• Fruits and Vegetable Packaging
• Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
• Catering and Central Kitchens
• Bakery Packaging
• Semi-Con and Electronics Industry

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