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Nature of Business

SteviaPac is a distributor of Stevia sweetener extracts, food additives and flavouring raw materials based in Singapore.

Our main focus is on sales and distribution of Stevia extracts, the key ingredient for our range of Stevia sweetener products. We own 2 production facilities producing the highest grades Stevia extracts for over 20 years.

We have since evolved into a comprehensive solutions provider for the F&B industry with our own product development team, offering proprietary solutions catered to different needs. We serve a global clientele from Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Stevia Sweetener:
We produce high purity grade, all natural, 0 calorie sweetener derived from Stevia plant.

Yeast Extracts:
We have a wide range of beef, shrimp, scallop, chicken flavoured yeast extract for application in instant noodle, meat products, seasoning & condiments.

YE 909-1 - Yeast extract, pale yellow powder, MSG alternative, enhances flavour of variety of food
YE 808 - Rich meat texture, strong sauce flavour

Flavouring Raw Materials:
SteviaPac is also a source for natural plant extracts, fragrances, essential oils and aromatic chemicals for making of flavouring products.