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CRN/UEN: 199004936D

1 Clementi Loop
Singapore 129808

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Nature of Business

Spraying Systems Co is the world's leading manufacturer of spray nozzles. We help customers optimise operations and create more sustainable manufacturing practices. With tens of thousands of standard products, we certainly have the right nozzle for your application. Our engineering and manufacturing resources can help solve your toughest spray technology challenges.

Optimising Spray Technology for Food & Beverage
Various operations in food processing plants depend on spray technology from Spraying Systems Co.

In fact, our technology produces billions of drops per day for applications ranging from coating and spray drying to cleaning, tank washing and lubrication. We help customers achieve specific performance goals while placing highest priority on food safety.

We can help you spray anything from water to peanut butter, including viscous coating.

Our precision spray control system is designed to ensure consistent spray application with minimal waste, even when operating conditions change.

Make Every Drop Count.

Food-Related Industries:
Food Processing - Improving coating operations, food safety, clean-up and other process with our spray technology

Bakery - Ensure product quality and extend shelf life with Precision Spray Control for coatings, release agents and mold inhibitors

Dairy - Optimise your spray drying and tank cleaning process while ensuring food safety & efficiency

Meat & Poultry - Maintain food safety and extend shelf life with the precise application of antimicrobial agents

Beverage - Boost effectiveness in tank cleaning, can/bottle coating, drying, conveyor lubrication and other operations

• Food Coating (www.spray.com)
• Tank Cleaning
• Cleaning & Disinfecting (www.pathosans.com)
• Glaze Coating
• Chocolate Coating
• Antimicrobial Spray
• Conveyor Lubrication
• Spray Drying
• Egg Wash
• Food Processing Equipment & Supplies

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