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Ms Susan Lim, PBM, Managing Director


Nature of Business

WSQ Basic Food Hygiene Course in Singapore is a nationally recognised mandatory training required for all food handlers.

With the introduction of the F&B WSQ system, SSG and SFA sought to raise the food hygiene standards and standardise the training of its Basic Food Hygiene (BFH). A 7.5 hours programme WSQ Food Hygiene Course with effect from 1st June 2007.

Upon successful completion of the 6 hours Basic Food Hygiene Course, followed with 1.5 hours assessment, a Statement of Attainment will be awarded to participants. This will accord the participants with a licence to operate/work in food preparation.

SKILLMASTER is SFA and SSG Approved Food Hygiene Training Provider.

Learning outcome

To equip trainees with the knowledge and understanding on the importance of food hygiene and safety while preparing or handling food.

Course outline

Upon completion of this module, the trainee will have the knowledge and application skills with practising food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures and be able to apply them to the workplace.

This includes:
• Practising good personal hygiene
• Using safe ingredients
• Handling food safety
• Storing food safety
• Maintaining cleanliness of utensils, equipment and service/storage areas

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