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Block 3015 Bedok North Street 5
#01-05 Shimei East Kitchen
Singapore 486350

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Nature of Business

At Sing Ghee, we specialise in manufacturing firm beancurd of different sizes. Our halal-certified firm beancurds are made in a hygienic environment, using the latest machinery and equipment.

Our staff are trained to exercise quality control in the manufacturing process, upholding the reputation Sing Ghee has achieved amongst our peers in the soybean products industry. In addition, we only use premium-grade ingredients in our soybean products. Our soybean products are freshly made, which is suitable for the health-conscious consumers.

For customers with special occasions or requirements, Sing Ghee will cater to your needs by supplying soybean products of your request.

Kindly contact us for details, if you wish to find out more about our soybean products.

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