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Block 13 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
Singapore 110013

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Ms Lydia Wei, Managing Director
Mobile: (65) 9829 6622
Email: rongfong6607@gmail.com


Nature of Business

Rong Fong Pte Ltd is a well-known company in its industry for its premium quality and outstanding service. We specialise in sourcing and supplying fruits and vegetable globally to local restaurants and catering groups. Wayu Pte Ltd, our affiliated company specialises in importation and exportation of fruits and vegetable in and out of Singapore. We also own "宇" and "WY" brand that is famous among Singapore wholesale market for shitake mushroom, broccoli and leaf vegetables. Our integrated supply chain allows us to maintain low cost and premium quality to better service our customers.

We envision that Singapore will get the true taste of food in its natural form without excessive industrial processes. Promoting a healthier and safer food choices in Singapore.

We provide affordable and healthy food supply for local businesses that will help them maintain their cost in the long run with excellent quality.

Social Responsibility
Food wastage is already one of the most critical issue in developed country whereas, many of Singapore residents are not having sufficient fresh produces. Every weekend we select and donate our products to Lions Clubs and other charity organisations.