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CRN/UEN: 201917557C

1009 Aljunied Avenue 4
Singapore 389910

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Mr Shawn Yeo, Managing Director


Nature of Business

Premier Foods Asia Pte Ltd is a frozen meat importer and wholesaler in Singapore, offering an extensive Ready-To-Eat product range under their house brand ‘Premier First’. Premier Foods Asia also provides a wide selection of frozen halal meats and ensures top quality over their products that are being sold under their brand. The categories of meat include Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Mutton. In addition to the value chain, Premier Foods Asia provides customisable processing/production services and OEM solutions for their customers.

The following are the current product range from their in-house brand ‘Premier First’, Halal Certified ready-to-eat products from Thailand:
• Chicken Karrage
• Crispy Middle Wings
• Crispy Wingstick (Drumette)
• Crispy Chicken Strips
• Chicken Katsudon
• Spicy Chicken Katsudon
• Popcorn Chicken
• Seaweed Chicken
• Yakitori Chicken
• Chicken Franks
• Roasted Middle Wings
• Roasted Hotwings (Drumette)
• Roasted Boneless Chicken Legs
• Chicken Poppers Truffle
• Chicken Poppers Soy Garlic
• Chicken Poppers Prawn Paste

At Premier Foods Asia Pte Ltd, we value our relationship with our customers through integrity and valued-added services, we strive to continuously provide a consistent level of service deliverables and to ensure to convert our new customers into happy customers!

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