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Singapore 659480

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Mr JK Chan, Techno-Commercial Manager


Nature of Business

NPAC International Pte Ltd (NPAC) was established in 1991 and is a specialist provider for One Stop Solutions in the areas of Food processing, Food Engineering and Food Packaging Materials.
Our goal and focus in the food industry is to attain the highest productivity while minimising food wastage through creative food process engineering and advanced packaging solutions. We also strive to assist our clients with the production of high quality and safe food to be sold to their customers.
Being a One Stop Solution Provider, we will cater to all your food production needs from inception, planning, design, technical innovation, installation, commissioning, and after sales support. We also strive towards continuous innovation of new and effective solutions for our clients.
Our clients include reputable companies within the food industry and we pride ourselves in our customer service standards and the ability to foster greater relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectations.