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Nature of Business

Leong Guan is a Professional Food Manufacturer based in Singapore, specialising in a wide variety of noodles as well as bean curd products. As a leading food manufacturer, we are one of the pioneers in producing Healthier Choice Wholegrain Noodles certified by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. Founded in 1996, the company have since developed an in-depth understanding of the food industry from working closely with our business partners and have since grown rapidly over the years establishing a fully machine-operated manufacturing facility in 2006. In 2015, we launched LG brand to identify and align our products with our vision/brand promise of good food and customer service.

Products Overview:
• Wholegrain Noodle
• Wholegrain Kway Teow
• Wholegrain Mee Tai Bak
• Low Gi Wholegrain Noodle
• Wholegrain Mee Kia
• Wholegrain Mee Pok
• Wholegrain Wanton Skin
• Wholegrain Dumpling Skin
• Wholegrain Air-Dried Noodle
• Fresh Japanese Udon
• Yellow Noodle
• Mee Tai Bak
• Kway Teow
• Wanton Mee Pok
• Wanton Mee Kia
• Dan Dan Mee Kia
• Handmade Noodle
• Thick Vermicelli
• Rice Vermicelli
• Egg tofu
• Golden Tofu
• Pressed Tofu
• Silken Tofu
• Taukwa
• Beancurd
• Fresh pasta
• Fettucine
• Spaghetti

Top Notch R&D Professionals & Capabilities
Since 2010, Leong Guan has built an R&D team to develop new products to cater to the changing market demands.
Our retail products can be found at various supermarkets and grocery stores around Singapore. The company have also introduced pasteurised fresh noodles. With its constant strive to modernise and explore healthier options, Leong Guan pioneered wholegrain noodles and dumpling wrappers (skins) in Singapore; offering a healthier alternative for consumers and partners.

Member of SMF