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81 Science Park Drive
#01-02 The Chadwick
Singapore Science Park I
Singapore 118257

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Mr Hiroyoshi Nakazawa, Director
Mobile: (65) 9732 9404
Email: i031060m@kajiwar.jp
Mr Hiroshi Ishino, Assistant
Mobile (65) 9231 7433
Email: i051073h@kajiwar.jp


Nature of Business

KAJIWARA INC, the Japanese company specialised in the manufacture of high quality cooking and mixing machinery for processed food, was founded in 1939.

With customers in over 30 countries as well as more than 15,000 customers in Japan serving very unique cooking machinery which specialised in cooking and mixing food without getting it burnt, KAJIWARA became Japan’s leading company in the field of cooking and mixing machinery.

The service includes everything from planning production line of food/confectionery factory, Design, Construction to After Service. The machines have been improving in quality and in size as the food production went through industrialisation where we have contributed to a number of customers.

We are very passionate to challenge into new field as well, currently developing heating/cooling homogeniser which has emulsification function for health, pharmaceutical and chemical product.

The client are most welcome to visit KAJIWARA Singapore to test run the machine using her own ingredients, to see the selections of machines, to acknowledge the functions, to develop production technology and just for a meeting.

Range of products

Cooking Mixer for Food Processing
Cooking Mixer, Cooking Mixer cum Stir Fryer, Salad Mixer, Hybrid Cooking Mixer, Reokneader, Oblique Axis Cooking Mixer, Steam Kettle, Mill, Computer Control, Various Devices for Process Control, Other Food Processing Machine
Bean Paste Making & Confectionery Machines
Automatic Bean Boiler, Bean Paste Machine, Continuous Automated Bean Paste Line, Continuous Automated TSUBUAN Unit, Bean Paste Kneading Machine, Other Confectionery Machine
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machines

Our customers include:

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.
Jollibee Foods Corporation (Philippines)
Kinboshi Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Sats Food (Singapore)
PT Indo Food Sukses Makmur (Indonesia)
Vesco Foods (Australia)

Member of SMF

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