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CRN/UEN: 197400888M


Nature of Business

Hanwell Holdings is a leading provider of consumer essentials. It manufactures, distributes and markets a diverse range of safe and quality consumer products. From rice, cooking oil, tofu, noodles, to facial and bathroom tissue as well as detergents, its products cater to the daily essential needs of its customers. Placing customers' needs and interest at the heart of its business, Hanwell constantly innovates to bring new and better products to the market.

Recognising the synergistic value that good relationships can bring about, the company firmly believes in working with its suppliers and partners in a transparent and fair manner. The company also fulfils its social responsibilities by giving back to the society and the community in different ways. In upholding its accountability to its shareholders, Hanwell seeks to provide them with good and sustainable financial returns.

While keeping its focus on the consumer essentials business, the company has also leveraged its extensive resources and capabilities to undertake strategic investments in other business segments, primarily healthcare and property development.

Established as Provisions Suppliers Corporation in 1974, the company underwent a rebranding in 2012 to become Hanwell Holdings.

Products & Services

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