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1 Bukit Batok Crescent
#03-21 WCEGA Plaza
Singapore 658064

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Nature of Business

Founded in 2015, Fu Xin aims to meet our customers' needs while offering affordable price.
We pride ourselves in delivering good services and trust which was built over the years with our clients.
Located in a facility in Western-Central Singapore close to major highways allows us to provide same day or next day service and delivery to our customers island wide.
Overtime, our team has grew to a size of 10 with a fleet of 8 lorries.
Our customer ranges from wet markets, local bakeries, cafes, restaurants, minimarts to the shipping industry.

Our eggs comprise of local produce and daily imported eggs from Malaysia. Examples of such are;
• Brown Hen/Kampong Egg
• Hard Boiled Egg
• Liquid Egg
• Boiled Salted Egg/Salted Egg Yolk
• Quail Egg
• Century Egg

To meet the growing demand in local market, we have also sourced our supply from Ukraine, Thailand and Poland on a weekly basis.