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CRN/UEN: 199305902H

1 Senoko Avenue
#03-08 Foodaxis
Singapore 758297

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Ms Goh May San, Marketing and Research Manager


Nature of Business

Fong Yit Kaya Pte Ltd (Since 1945) is a long standing specialist in manufacturing specialty kaya. We provide kaya for various trades: Hotels, cafes, coffeeshops, bakeries, restaurants and distributors, in various service packaging and retail jars.

The biggest kaya manufacturer in Singapore, we use only the freshest ingredients in the production of kaya, this includes pasteurised Singapore local farm eggs, pasteurised fresh coconut milk and whole pandan leaves. To produce safe and delicious products for consumers all around the world.
Kaya is a Singaporean specialty bread spread made with tropical coconuts, eggs, sugar and the fragrant pandan leaves. Fong Yit's specialty kaya is sweet and light with aromatic hues from the tropical ingredients coconut and pandan leaves.

We carry three brands under Fong Yit. Fong Yit, XO Kaya and Kayamila.
Healthier choice product and new flavours available.
All Fong Yit's products are trans fat free and contain no artificial preservatives.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!
Email: order.fongyit@gmail.com
URL: www.singaporekaya.com

Member of SFMA & SMF