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CRN/UEN: 200602031C

5 Jalan Tepong
Singapore 619325

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Mr Derek Cheng
Mobile: (65) 9106 3428
Ms Anne Chen
Mobile: (65) 9438 2306


Nature of Business

Established in 2006 as an importer and distributor of frozen seafood and Japanese food catering to local demands, Eastern Harvest Foods has been progressing rapidly over the years to meet the expanding needs of the market. It has now grown to become one of the major suppliers of frozen seafood and Japanese food products in Singapore.

Currently, we are supplying a wide range of foods - ranging from seafood (fish, fillets, crustaceans and molluscs), meats (beef, pork, chicken, mutton), cuisine-specific foods (Japanese, Korean, Dim Sum) and processed foods (Tempura, Teriyaki etc). Our foods are all sourced selectively from around the world so that we can provide our customers with the best foods in quality and price. Moreover, to keep in line with our mantra of meeting each and every customer's specific needs, we have processing rooms where our meats are specially processed and packaged to suit our customers' various requirements.

Our quality food is also backed by the strong support from dedicated staff, a fully integrated warehousing facility and a fleet of over 40 delivery trucks. This has allowed us to provide our customers with a reliable and constant supply of food that cannot be rivaled elsewhere, thus establishing us as a long-term partner with our customers.

ISO 22000:2018

Member of MTA & SIAS

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