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Nature of Business

Our company Defu Ice Works provides highest quality food-grade ice for market place, hawker vendors, events, concert, factories, vessels and also to home consumers. The company have been producing ice and delivering to many parts of Singapore since 1981. We provide the following types of ice; crushed ice, baby ice-tube, ice-tube, ice kachang blocks, dry ice pallets. We also provide other services like; frozen truck rental, rental of ice shaving equipment and cold storage facilities.
Company Core Competencies:
• Creativity & Innovations
• Communications
• Customer Service
Creativity & Innovations
Our team are committed in providing the best knowledge throughout the years of experiences in ice manufacturing. Our team are well involved in creative thinking, brainstorming and create new innovations on solving everyday task to a much efficient process of manufacturing. With innovation, we are able to produce a much stronger ice which prevents shattering or cracks while transporting. Able to produce colder ice, means slower melting process and able to produce ice faster in a shortest production time possible. Throughout the years, our core competencies in creativity and innovation is one of the main important key in our organisation.
Back in the olden days of 1981 since the company started, purchasing of ice is by means of paper ordering and usage of desk bound phones or messenger boy. Today, with new technology and with the ease of use from our smart phones have changed the entire ordering process which makes ordering easier and faster to get things done. Defu Ice Works now provides online purchasing available for the convenience of all. We accept credit cards and make purchase simpler and faster. With the fast growing era, we are pacing up with technology to meet the demands of consumer requirements.
Customer Service
We believe customer service is an asset for every company to thrive. It is important to reach out customer's request and demands. Interactions to be better in understanding customer's needs. Our team are well connected and customers may contact us should there be any enquiries or feedbacks on our services.
For more information, please do contact us at sales@defuice.sg or (65) 9623 9138 or 9855 1222.

Other address

Mobile: (65) 9623 9318, 9855 1222