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CRN/UEN: 198804096M

38 Woodlands Industrial Park E1
Singapore 757700

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Nature of Business

Cretel Food Equipment was established in 1988, with Cretel NV Belgium partnership. Cretel Food Equipment is widely known for the specialisation in meat and fish skinning machines. But with Andrew Khoo's experience, Cretel expanded by partnering and distributing renowned and reputable brands of high-quality processing machinery to our clients and provide excellent after-sales support. Cretel has expanded internationally over the years covering most of South East Asia market. Cretel serves a wide spectrum of clients from the meat processing, seafood processing, vegetable processing and packaging sectors in the food industry market.

Our experience team is always ready and provides 24/7 maintenance service when our client needs our support. We will always be there to serve the clients to avoid downtime of machinery and to recommend and provide new turnkey solutions to further improve their process and growth.

Our Brands:
ANKO - Dim Sum Production Line (Gyoza, Bao, Siew Mai, Hargau, Wanton)
ASGO - Paddle Mixing
ATT INOX - Drainage System, Stainless-Steel Trolleys and Bins
BAXX - Airborne/Surfaces Bacteria Plasma Purification
CRETEL - Fish Skinning, Fish Scalers and Crate Washers
SMARTWEIGH N SPARK - Chilli Sachet, Sauce Packaging, Bottling and Capping Line, Multihead Weighers
CHAMCO - Fish Processing (Deheading, Gutting, Filleting, Squid Processing)
DEIGHTON - Food Forming, Frying, Battering, Pre-Dusting Line
DETECTRONIC - Metal Detectors and Checkweigher
DREMAX - Japanese Vegetable Processing (Yusheng, Spring Onions, Chilli Padi)
ELOMA - Convection Steam Ovens
EMERSON - Smoke House Chamber
HIPERBARIC - High Pressure Pasteurisation
HOPAK - Horizontal Flow Packing
NOWICKI - Bowl Cutters, Mincers, Vacuum Tumblers and Brine Injectors
ORANGE FREEZING - Self-Stacking Spiral Freezer
FREY - Sausage Vacuum Filler with Full Hanging Line
CLIPTECHNIK - Sausage Double Clippers
EILLERT N JEGERINGS - Vegetable Washing Line
FLOTTWERK - Vegetable Peelers
MAOXIN - Tilting Stirring Wok Fryer
UTIEN - Vacuum Machines, Tray Sealer, Thermoforming Line
HEMA - Automated Canning Line
NUOVAIR - Blast Freezers

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