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24 Seletar West Farmway 2
Singapore 798101

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Mr Eric Ng, Group CEO


Nature of Business

The Apollo Aquaculture Group (AAG) pioneers modern vertical aquaculture system and it boasts an engineering team that has the capability to install and fabricate customised systems for fish & shrimp cultivation. Coupled with the know-how in food fish rearing, this synergy allows AAG to improve the quantity and quality of production. In addition, the trademark "Apollo Marine" is registered and it is synonymous with fresh and safe seafood that is produced with the state of art aquaculture technologies. Quality control is instrumental for our production and we are committed to add values to the supply chain.

• Live Hybrid Grouper:
  Apollo’s farm bred premium Grouper is loved by foodies for their superior white flaked meat and mildly sweet
  taste. Its fresh and firm texture show the healthy and optimum seawater conditions that they are grown in,
  without any use of antibiotics or growth hormones.
• Live Pacific White Shrimps:
  Our premium Shrimp is the favorite of many for its crunchy texture and sweet, fresh taste. Similarly, our farm
  bred shrimps are also grown without using any antibiotics or growth enhancers.