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There are hundreds of types of spices worldwide. These range from the common pepper to more obscure one. Spices are used in everyday cooking in most households and they add flavour to food. All spices in Singapore are imported from the regional countries either in seed form as ground into powder. Spices include turmeric powder, cloves powder, coriander and cumin. Some spices are mixed like curry powder… More

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Natural Herbs & spices, seasonings & marinades, soups & sauces, vegetables preserved/pickled – gherkins, sauerkraut, etc., jams, honey, mustards, vinegars, other condiments, binders, stabilisers, emulsifiers, cutter additives &… More

Importers, exporters & traders of spices (betelnuts, cardamoms, cassia, cloves, corriander, cumin, dried chillies, dried ginger, fennel, nutmegs, pepper, star aniseed, turmeric) agricultural commodities, beans, coffee, dried fruits & nuts (almonds,… More