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Sauces are major ingredients for any food factories. Sauces range from those required for Asian and Western cooking. Soy sauce is a major ingredient for Asian cooking, as are chilli sauces. Soy sauce with less salt is also available. Specialised sauces for specific Asian dishes like laksa, satay beehoon is also manufactured in Singapore. Sauces meant for cooking of Western dishes mayonnaise, salad… More

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Kwong Cheong Thye's Best Selling Ee Fu Noodles in an all new packaging! More



Quality Soya Sauce produced by Kwong Cheong Thye, favourite amongst the top hotels and restaurants in Singapore.


• 3Kg Chille Paste • 5L Wantan Mee Chilli Sauce • Artificial White Vinegar • Soya Bean Sauce (375ml/625.08ml/750ml) • Black Sweet Rice Vinegar (375ml/750ml) More


ENG BEE specialised in manufacturing tradition rice vermicelli and shrimp paste using modern machine. ENG BEE also specialised in processed peanut into grated and powder form which is popular among the local dishes such as rojak, peanut pancake, satay… More

Manufacturer and distributor of "BELL" brand's range of quality soya sauce and food condiments. We also provide contract manufacturing and packing for customers with their own labels. Our product range includes: • Light soya sauce • Dark… More

We manufacture: • Mayonnaise • Eggless salad dressing • Salad dressing • Soya bean oil • Nacho cheese We import premium Italian products: • Balsamic vinegar • Red and white wine vinegar • Pasta and tomatoes •… More

Sing Long Foodstuff was established since 1983 in Singapore, specialises in manufacturing a diversity of savory sauce as well as instant local dessert products that are easy and convenient enough to serve within minutes. The company hallmark-Black Pepper… More