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Rice is one of the most widely consumed type of staple food in Asia. There are a couple of grass species from which the seeds are harvested from, and become the product known as rice. These are Oryza sativa, which is Asian rice, and Oryza glaberrima, which is African rice. There are many varieties of rice such as short, medium, and long-grained rice. These varying lengths of rice also have varying… More

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WHOLESALING/EXPORT: • FLOUR - Japanese/USA/Canadian/European   - High Protein - Bread, Pastries, HK Noodle, Ramen   - Medium Protein - You Tiao, Pastries, Prata, Instant Noodle, Pau,     Naan   - Low Protein - Chiffon,… More

Our subsidiary: Sengkang Trading Enterprise Trendy Egg Distributor Our products: Fresh eggs, cooked eggs, salted duck eggs, salted duck egg yolks, century  eggs, quail eggs, cooked quail eggs Fragrant rice, white rice, calrose rice, red cargo rice,… More