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Dairy Products

Dairy products comprises a whole range of food substances processed from milk and milk products. These include various cheeses, creams, condensed milk, UHT milk, yoghurt and ice cream, dehydrated dairy products such as milk powder, other powdered dairy drinks, powdered yoghurt, and powdered cheese. Dairy food factories process dairy into their various forms as listed above.

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SMC offers high quality premixes with unsurpassed safety and freshness to our customers. SMC premixes are selected and used by many international food brands for the making of products such as ice-cream, yogurt, cookies, ready-to-serve beverages and… More

Established since 1971, primary business is produce high quality premix products as: • Chocolate preparation premix • Dairy & sugar premix • Confectionery premix • Fats & oils premix

Certified By: SGS International Certification Services Scope: Production of pasteurised unflavoured and chocolate goat's milk. Activities: Produce fresh goat milk. Member of KCA