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                 Indian Restaurants Association Singapore
 Indian Restaurants Association Singapore (IRAS)
was formed in 1997 to preserve the authentic culture and heritage of Indian cuisine in Singapore.
Since its beginning, IRAS has acted as a representative for Indian restaurants in Singapore and continues to develop the businesses.
Over the years, IRAS had also established itself as an extensive platform to give support through education, government advocacy, cost efficiency programs and networking opportunities.
The goal of IRAS is to improve the service culture and culinary standards of the respective restaurants which includes the following:
                     To equip the restaurants’ staff with the relevant knowledge and skills through courses
To address key issues of concern and promote social interaction amongst members
To gather and communicate on market trends for economic development
               The mission of IRAS is to become a hub of innovation and knowledge for Indian restaurants in Singapore.
It has a vision to serve the community with great quality food by bringing the stand of Indian restaurants to an exceptional level among locals, foreigners and other authorities.

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