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Singapore is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, home to different ethnic groups each with their unique cultures, customs, and cuisine. The Indian community’s rich culinary heritage especially, offers a brilliant smorgasbord of flavours, colours and texture. Originally introduced by migrant Indian workers arriving to the island, some of these cuisines have mixed with those of other ethnic groups and later even evolved to produce uniquely Singaporean dishes.
Today in Singapore, we can enjoy authentic Indian food originating from various regions of India, from spicy lentil stews and rice in the south to the creamy curries and naan in the north, as well as local Indian dishes such as Indian rojak and fish head curry.
The Indian Restaurants Association Singapore (IRAS) was formed in 1997 to preserve the authentic culture and heritage of Indian cuisine in Singapore. Over the years, IRAS has worked with various government agencies to improve the culinary standards of Indian restaurants as well as helped the industry workforce to improve their skills through diverse courses. It is also involved in raising awareness and appreciation of Indian cuisine in the local community through organising various events and festivals such as the annual Great Indian Food Festival (GIFF). Today, IRAS boasts a diverse range of members, including businesses who have been in the food industry for almost a century. One of our members, Ananda Bhavan Restaurant, is the oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore and has been serving customers here for almost 96 years!
This year, we are delighted to publish the inaugural Flavours of Little India in collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Business Information (MCBI). Flavours of Little India is a useful guide to the best heritage restaurants in Singapore. It features a comprehensive directory of the authentic Indian F&B outlets, including updated listings of other restaurants, cafes, and F&B services such food suppliers, catering partners and relevant service vendors around the city. This directory will serve the needs of the Indian F&B community well by providing the much needed professional support and business networking opportunities.
Flavours of Little India would not have been possible without the support of our various partners as well as our advertisers. On behalf of IRAS, I would like to extend our gratitude to each and every one of you. I hope you will find this guide relevant as you continue to grow your business in 2021.
Mr S Mahenthiran
Honorary Secretary Indian Restaurants Association Singapore (IRAS)

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