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S eafood Industries Association Singapore’s (SIAS) core mission is to work and upgrade the business quality
of our members as well as to encourage our members to grow overseas.
The year 2018 has been an challenging yet exciting one for many of our members. Due to our small domestic market in Singapore, our SIAS members know that in order to continue thriving, we have to constantly explore business opportunities overseas, re ne our production capabilities, and learn to market ourselves well to earn brand loyalty in a digitalised world.
To help the members in their overseas ventures, SIAS has initiated many events and visits in 2018 such as
– Seafood Expo North America 2018 held in
Boston, USA
– Engagement sessions through our
association annual dinner with ambassadors and trade of cials from the United States, Japan, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan
– Trade missions to Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia and China were arranged thanks to the support from Enterprise Singapore and the AVA.
William Tan
Chairman, Seafood Industries Association Singapore
Businesswise, disruptions from digitalisation have created the most impact in the way our business is conducted. Changes in consumer habits like preference for online shopping and ready to eat meals are some examples.
SIAS had been working with Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Fish Merchants General Association and Punggol Fish Merchants Association to create a digital marketplace (an online wholesale seafood trading platform) for Singapore seafood merchants. We are targeting to launch in 2019 and extensive support and training will be offered to our interested members. This project is part of our digitalisation efforts for our members. We look forward to our members making use of it not just for domestic sales but also for international trade.
We would like to thank the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore for their unwavering support and guidance in the past year.
Last but not least, our thanks to Marshall Cavendish Business information Pte Ltd for publishing the Singapore Agri-Food Business Directory 2019.

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