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together to work together to push for more advancements and transformation within the industry,” said Senior Minister of State for National Development Koh Poh Koon, who serves as patron for the federation. “It takes the whole ecosystem – not just farmers but also the entire value chain, such as the institutes of higher learning as well as people in the marketing and retail space.”
Kranji Countryside Association (KCA), which was founded in 2005 to bring together farmers in the Kranji area, is reaping the bene ts of collaboration. Rebranded as Kranji Farms in 2016, the 400-hectare cluster, with over 100 farrns straddling Lim Chu Kang and Choa Chu Kang with over a dozen open to the public, has become a popular ‘agri-tainment’ destination for city slickers.
At Jurong Frog Farm, visitors can feed frogs, sample frog legs and hashima, a delicacy made from fatty tissue found in a frog’s fallopian tube. Bollywood Veggies offers a free, 30-minute guided tour of the farm on weekends. Over at Hay Dairies, Singapore’s only goat farm, visitors can see goats being milked every morning. There are also restaurants and cafes, and even villas for a staycation with a difference, in the only countryside left on mainland Singapore.
Kranji Express is a dedicated bus service which runs daily, including public holidays between Kranji MRT and Kranji Farms for S$3 a head. Operational since 2005, it allows visitors to hop on and off in the course of the day on the same ticket. Quail egg farmer and Kranji Farms’ only licensed tour guide, William Ho, offers a guided tour for those interested.
KCA also organises a quarterly farmers’ market to promote local farm produce, including vegetables, fruit, herbs, eggs,  sh and milk, and, locally made artisanal food and products.
Spurring Innovation in Food Manufacturing
Ranked  fth in the 2018 Global Innovation Index and the top in Asia, innovation has been the heartbeat of the Singapore economy. Singapore is harnessing this capability to increase its slice of the global food pie.
A recent study of the Singapore food manufacturing landscape commissioned by Enterprise Singapore, Ipsos Business Consulting found that at least one-third of the food manufacturers are already innovating, either through the use of new ingredients or the development of food products catering to niche sectors.
The government has rolled out a string of initiatives to encourage many more to come on board.
Photo Courtesy of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore

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