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costs realistic in the regional context,” Meod director Jeremy Chua told the Today newspaper.
The company currently operates a one- hectare farm at the D’Kranji Farm Resort, where it plants a mix of lettuce, Asian greens, herbs and Swiss chards.
Eden PurelyFresh Farm is introducing a multi-tier system where seedlings are stacked in tiers and watered by an automatic recirculating water system. Grown indoors under controlled lighting and temperature, the crops are more resilient to weather elements.
As chief executive of cer of Eden PurelyFresh Farm Desmond Khoo noted, “Resources such as manpower and water can be better utilised and reduced. The period of time needed for the seedlings to grow will also be reduced due to a consistent lighting and growing environment.”
The vegetable farming land parcels are among 36 new plots in Lim Chu Kang and Sungei Tengah being tendered out in tranches.
Melvin Chow, AVA’s group director for food supply resilience, said: “These proposals have the potential to optimise scarce land, reduce reliance on unskilled labour and bolster Singapore’s food security.”
Farming Coalitions Advance Industry Interests
Farmers are coming together to address industry challenges and improve standards. In October 2017, 20 farms from the livestock, food  sh and vegetable sectors formed the Singapore Agro- Food Enterprises Federation (SAFEF), the second coalition to be established within the industry.
Frank Tan, founding member of the federation and managing director of Marine Life
Aquaculture, said the federation’s immediate priorities include developing safety standards and guidelines for sustainable farming practices. It will also work on raising productivity, as well as building farming and manpower capabilities.
The SAFEF also plans to work with the AVA, research institutions and institutes of higher learning in four main areas: standard-setting; boosting productivity and lowering costs; building capacity and developing manpower; and promoting local produce.
Membership to the federation is opened to all licensed food farmers. Community farmers and individuals from institutes of higher learning can also join as associate members.
“I’m very happy to see the farmers themselves are taking this step to come

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