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CRN/UEN: 198701006E

26 Senoko Way
Singapore 758048

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Mr Desmond Fung, Senior Sales Manager for Traditional Trade
Mobile: (65) 9815 5313
Mr Eddie Tay, Sales Manager for Modern Off Trade
Mobile: (65) 9023 8858
Mr Derrick Lee, Assistant Sales Manager for Modern On Trade
Mobile: (65) 9022 5571


Nature of Business

- Exporter of premium organic chickens
- Processing, packing & distribution for whole chicken & chicken parts
- Meat marination and enhancement facilities (we do customised marination and R&D recipes for our clients)
- QSR certified plant
- Trading of imported halal poultry products
- 30 years in the business

Our products:
- Fresh & frozen chicken & duck
- Premium range of organic chickens: Lacto Chicken, Cordyceps Chicken & Carogold Chicken (awarded
  healthier choice for lower in saturated fat)
- Premium chicken: Sakura Chicken (without using growth hormones and antibiotics)
- Ready to eat products
- Marinated whole chicken & chicken parts (awarded healthier choice for lower sodium & saturated fat)
- All frozen poultry

Our poultry farms:
- Organic Certified by MyOrganic Malaysia (The First Organic Poultry Farm in Malaysia)
- UK ISO 9001:2008 for "Farming of Antibiotic Free Broilers"

Member of PMAS & SFMA

Products & Services