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Pork is one of the more commonly consumed meats in Singapore. One can find pork in various forms such as chilled or frozen, fresh and unprocessed or marinated. Apart from pork as cuts of meats, pork merchants also have available parts such as innards, carcasses and other sweet meats.

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As we are importers, we can keep our costs low. We dare to challenge the lowest quotes available in the market. We carry familiar and reliable brands such as Frimesa, Sulina, Perdigao, Sadia, Perdix, Pif Paf, Seara etc.   Our non-exhaustive products… More

Import & Export: Meat offals, mutton, beef, pork, chicken, bacons, hams & sausages, UHT milk, butter, cheeses   Casings: Natural hog, sheep, collagen, artificial cellulose, fibrous, polyamides, vacuum bags, raw runners   Food Ingredients: Phosphates,… More

Services: • Import, process and distribute chill pork cuts and frozen meat • Supply to wet markets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and food courts • Sole distributor of Natural Pork Member of MTA

Tiong Lian Food Pte Ltd has been supplying fresh chilled pork since its establishment in 1974. Today, it has evolved to a major establishment in the chilled pork industry and has a wide network of retailers, wholesaler, food processor and caterers island… More