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Meat Processing Establishments

Singapore is not known for having farms. In order to compete in the food industry, innovation has seen the creation of meat processing establishments instead. Various types of products include frozen, dried, barbecued, marinated, canned, and cooked.

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ARMIYA BEEF BALL: Beef balls are popularly known as 'Bakso' by Indonesians. Our best-selling, tasty beef balls are a hit with people of all ages. It has a mild chewy texture and enough spices to excite your taste buds. Try steaming or frying the beef… More

Supplier of: • Cellulose peel off casings • Edible collagen casings • Fibrous casings and different types of plastic casings • Various sizes of natural sheep and hog casings • Packaging material like shrink bags • Ham nettings • Additives for the sausage… More