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Organic fruit and vegetables are produced by organic farming. Organic farming usually practises re-cycling of resources and ecological balance. Pesticides and fertilisers containing chemicals are not allowed. Generally organic foods do not contain addictives. It is generally accepted that organic foods are more healthy for human consumption. This is more so for organic fruits and vegetables which… More

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Freshness is our business, Ban Choon has been supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to major supermarket chains, hotels, restaurants and Singapore Airport Terminal Services for more than 30 years and we are proud to be a trusted partner for these chains.… More


Here are some of the services we are presently carrying out:   Fixed Fruits Distribution for Staff Benefits A combination of seasonal fruits packed in a bag for weekly distribution to your staff.   Events Specially customised package to suit…

Importer & exporter of fresh fruits, vegetables, organic products & processed food. We supply to supermarkets, wet markets, hotels, restaurants, passenger ships, airlines & fast food restaurants. Member of SFVIEA & STFIEA Other… More