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Fruits & Vegetables - Importers & Exporters

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced from regional countries and as far away as from Japan. Products available include mushrooms of various kinds like oyster, abalone, shitake mushrooms among others. Various kinds of chillies like red chilli padi and red chilli are available. Some of these importers and exporters have been established for many years in the business, having cold chain facilities… More

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Importers & Exporters, Wholesalers & Traders of tropical fruits.



• Crispy fried shallots • Crispy fried garlic

Wholesale and retail of tropical fruits and durians.

Specialise in imports, distribution of all fresh vegetables, fruits and wet provisions (e.g. tofu, noodles, etc) Over 40 years of experience with reliability and resources to handle huge contracts Delivers fresh farm produce everyday including Sundays… More