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Frozen Foods

Freezing food from time of preparation to consumption ensures its preservation. Freezing food stops the growth of most bacteria. Singapore, which imports almost all of its foodstuff relies on frozen food suppliers to perform this vital function. Such suppliers import frozen seafood, meat and processed vegetables. Some suppliers add value by manufacturing burger patties or spiced and seasoned chicken… More

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We are the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of vegetarian food (dried and frozen). We have more than 650 kind of vegetarian products. A wide range of healthy vegetarian products for your culinary needs. Contact us for any enquiries. More


ARMIYA BEEF BALL: Beef balls are popularly known as 'Bakso' by Indonesians. Our best-selling, tasty beef balls are a hit with people of all ages. It has a mild chewy texture and enough spices to excite your taste buds. Try steaming or frying… More